Central Heating Repairs in Cardiff

Looking for central heating repairs in Cardiff? Then you are in the right place. Central heating can of break down at the most inconvenient times. So, if you need central heating repairs in Cardiff, we offer a fast response at competitive prices. 

Our services include general heating repairs, radiator repairs, balancing and installation. We also offer power flushing at an affordable price.

For more information, speak to the friendly team at Cosywarm Heating & Plumbing today for advice and a free quote. 

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Radiator Repairs

Radiators are an integral part of your heating system. When radiators don't heat up properly, this signals a problem with your system. We offer a range of radiator repair and installation services in Cardiff. From bleeding and balancing to fitting replacement radiators, we offer a speedy service at a competitive price.

Radiator Installation

Is your room cold, even though your heating is turned up full? It may be that your radiators are not adequate for the size of the room it is intended to heat. If so, speak to us about radiator replacements. Our trained engineers can visit your home to perform a survey and provide you with a free quotation for radiator installation.

We fit a comprehensive range of radiators to suit your unique needs. Whether you need a radiator installed or require new towel rails fitting, we can help.

Radiator Balancing

Poor performing radiators are inefficient and can indicate that the system needs rebalancing. Our heating engineers perform radiator balancing for customers throughout Cardiff.

To begin with, we will bleed all your radiators and then adjust the thermostatic radiator valves. If you have an older model, the wheelhead valves will be adjusted.

Through careful adjustment, we can ensure that all your radiators heat up at the same speed and have an appropriate heat output for each room.

Power Flushing

Increase the efficiency of your radiators with power flushing. Over time, your heating system can build up with sludge and debris which will cause inefficient heating. Our power flushing service cleanses your central heating system, removing build up so that your system heats more efficiently.

As well as clearing build-up from your radiators and pipework, the flush will also clear your heat exchanger and hot water cylinder coils. In very severe cases of build up, or if you have a very old boiler and heating system, we may advise on a new heating installation or the manual cleaning of your system. Manual cleansing involves removing each radiator and manually cleaning it to remove sludge, allowing for a free-flowing unit. To discuss this service, please contact a member of the team who can advise on the best method for your system.

Power Flushing Benefits

  • Removes sludge build up
  • Improves efficiency of the heating system
  • Can reduce heating bills
  • Speeds up radiator convection
  • Reduces the risk of boiler breakdown

Book Your Central Heating Repairs Today

To arrange central heating repairs in Cardiff, give us a call. A member of our helpful team will be happy to discuss your needs and arrange a convenient time for a heating engineer to visit your home or business. 

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