Nest Learning Thermostat

What is a Nest Learning Thermostat?

Here at Cosywarm, we are proud to supply the latest in-home thermostat technology supplied by top manufacturer; Nest. A Nest Learning Thermostat is a small device built into your home that can be accessed by mobile devices. The purpose of the Nest thermostat is to enable users to change the temperature of their property from their phone.

What does a Nest Learning Thermostat do?

The concept behind this thermostat is rather simple, it is designed to allow compatible devices and systems to communicate during everyday operations. Nest systems are particularly capable of communicating with other devices which employ the OpenTherm framework.

This dramatically increases efficiency rates and as a result, consumers will save a significant amount of money over time. To put this another way, a Nest thermostat will “tell” the boiler how to modulate its heating processes, therefore, reducing the need for gas, and creating less waste. Some technicians refer to this innovative technique as boiler modulation.

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Cosy Warm Heating and Plumbing is a trusted supplier of Nest Learning Thermostats. We also supply other common heating options such as; boilers, central heating, solar heating solutions and general maintenance services.

Furthermore, we also provide a 10-year guarantee in conjunction with certain boilers. Money is also an understandably important concern. So, Cosy Warm Heating will match or beat any similar prices associated with companies such as British Gas or Swalec.

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