Power Flushing

Power Flushing

At Cosy Warm Heating and Plumbing, we offer property owners in the Cardiff area of south Wales an unparalleled power flushing service for residential and workplace central heating systems.

What we offer?

If your boiler is between ten and fifteen years old, it could have lost almost half of its efficiency due to build up of deposits. This wastes energy and money. To resolve the problem, power flushing (also known as jet flushing or hard flushing) is a special process where skilled engineers carefully restore the system to proper working order. The interior pipework and components are cleaned at high velocity but at relatively low pressure, to free up and remove the sludge. Mobilising agents improve the cleaning action and circulation so noise is reduced and the heating then operates optimally.

If a new boiler is fitted, these can be more efficient than the previous one and can, therefore cause accumulated sludge to move around invisibly inside the system. This may even damage the new machinery. To maintain the validity of the manufacturer’s warranty, it is best to follow recommended procedure and ensure that the new system is installed and commissioned properly. Power flushing removes the particles, sludge, metallic swarf, grease and other debris that may be present on installed components. Carried out properly, this also helps to ward off future defects.

Power Flushing

During power flushing, a special type of pump is connected to the central heating main circulator pump and, later, across each individual radiator. The mechanism oscillates the flow of the special fluid with a reversing device; this turbulence helps to dislodge debris that might resist standard cleaning methods. Purpose-designed cyclone filters with a magnetic field remove even the smallest black iron oxide particles from the fluid, while larger particles of debris can be sieved away mechanically. After removal of all these deposits, technicians pass fresh cleaning fluid solution through the system and flush individual radiators to remove the last of the contamination. After the treated radiators run clean, the system can be restored to function normally within just a few minutes.

We offer power-flushing services to restore efficient operation for all types of central heating systems, along with a parts and labour guarantee. If you have noticed that your radiators take a long time to heat up or remain cold, this could be due to blockages in the system. Additionally, vibrating or banging pipework or unusual noises from your boiler may also indicate that the fluid is not circulating properly, due to clogging up of the pipework, radiators or pump.

Fully Trained & Certified

All Cosy Warm technicians are fully trained and certified. Additionally, we are Gas Safe registered and approved installation engineers for the Worcester Bosch group. For your peace of mind, please refer to our testimonials page.

For all your domestic and commercial heating system power flushing requirements in and around Cardiff, please contact us here.

Our team will be delighted to assist. If necessary, we also offer a price promise and a ten-year guarantee on top-quality selected replacement boilers.


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